Local SEO Tips That Help Customers Find Your Business

Local SEO Tips That Help Customers Find Your Business

Being a successful business means tapping the right online marketing strategy. After all, with over 5 billion Internet users worldwide, eCommerce sales totaled $5.2 trillion in 2021. Businesses don't even have to reach a global audience to boost sales; 46% of all searches on Google are to find a local service provider. The numbers are expected to keep growing, providing a great opportunity for you as a company to be more visible online. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to techniques that help companies be seen or get found by people in the same area. It involves a more localized approach to search engine optimization, including local keyword ranking (e.g. garage door repair near me), offering valuable content, and keeping your Google My Business profile accurate and visible across SEO local business listings. 

Why should businesses focus on local SEO?

People use search engines, mainly Google, to find local businesses. You could capture valuable leads organically by keeping your digital business profile and content updated. You'll miss out on potential customers if you don't have a comprehensive SEO plan.

What are the top Local SEO strategies for small businesses?

What are the top Local SEO strategies for small businesses

The best strategies should include accuracy, valuable content, and engagement.

Accuracy means your business listing has all the correct information—from the business name, address and contact details, business hours, services description, products being offered, and a link to your website. If placing your business on different directories is too much of a hassle, consider getting business listing management services. This way, you can concentrate on other local SEO aspects without sacrificing visibility in relevant online listings.

Valuable content helps you build your credibility as a brand. You could publish how-to videos, join local activities, and provide exciting posts on your website and social media platforms. This helps bring more traffic and recognition to your business.

The third strategy in local seo tips is engagement, which refers to how you interact with customers. This includes replying to questions, acknowledging reviews, and engaging in your business listings and online platforms, especially on Google My Business.

What is a common pitfall in Local SEO?

Poor business listing management is a big no-no. Suppose you misspell the business (Suite vs. St.), have an outdated phone number, or redirect to broken pages on your website. You'll look untrustworthy and disorganized, and you won't have the consistency to rank and be found when local customers search for your business online.

Is Local SEO a one-and-done task, or does it require ongoing effort?

Local SEO is definitely more than a one-time task. Businesses need to invest time, effort, and resources keeping business listings accurate, addressing queries on socials and on Google My Business, and making sure their website is optimized. However, it’s all worth the results when more local customers start coming in. 

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