Local Presence Management: What is It and Why is It Important?

Local Presence Management: What is It and Why is It Important?

Location matters— for better discoverability online or attracting more local customers to visit your physical store. With the right location and up-to-date contact information, virtually anyone from anywhere within the local area or across the globe can find your business.

A staggering number of online business directories and map listings, however, suffer from inconsistent business details. Stop losing prospect customers and lead them to your storefront with local presence management.

Why is Local Presence Management Significant?

Local presence management refers to the optimization of business information available online for accuracy and boosting local search ranking. It deals heavily with the routine maintenance of online business listings across multiple business directories, map listings, review sites, and even social media.

Businesses with branch stores or multiple store locations benefit from local presence management. Search engines return search results closest to a customer’s location; a nearby branch store may be overlooked without a proper business listing online.

Accuracy for Increased Discoverability

Accuracy for Increased Discoverability

The accuracy of information available to customers on the Internet makes or breaks the success of any business. Inaccurate details on the business name, phone number, address, business hours, customer reviews, and other store locations can reflect the low-quality search index ranking and poor traffic.

Local business listings must be reviewed on a regular basis so more customers may hear about your business. Other notable reasons include:

  • Discovery of other store locations
  • Brand reputation management by acknowledging customer reviews
  • Search result placement by eliminating duplicate listings

Proximity and Business Relevance

Prospect customers may be closer to your business location, but why do they opt for your competitor a few miles away from your area? Your digital presence may be lacking, that’s why. 

Deploy local presence management techniques to improve search result ranking. Claim business listings on reputable business directories and data aggregators or rebuild your official website for search engine optimization (SEO) and brand authority.

Reach and Business Growth

With accurate business details and information relevant to the needs of customers, your engagement online will reach audiences beyond your expectations. Manage business profiles, reviews and recommendations, backlinks, map listings, and more regularly to maintain an ever-expanding community of customers who stay loyal to your products and/or services.

How Does Local Presence Management Benefit Local Businesses?

Local Presence Management Benefit Local Businesses

With a local presence management strategy in action, you ensure that your local business:

  • Shares accurate information about the business name, address, contact information, multi-store locations (when applicable), and more across online business directories, map listings, and customer review sites.
  • Nurtures customer trust and boosts engagement with old and new customers alike; and
  • Highlights brand authority with reliable backlinks and authentic customer feedback.

More Customers, More Business Growth with Local Presence Management

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