5 Tips to Enhance Local SEO for Plumbers

5 Tips to Enhance Local SEO for Plumbers

How do you get more people to learn more about your plumbing business? How do you get clicks when people search for “plumbers near me”? To reach your target audience, you’ll need to apply local SEO solutions. 

Let’s dive into local SEO for plumbers and how you can apply it to your plumbing business for a competitive advantage.

The Importance of Local SEO for Plumbers

46% of Google searches look for local information. Consumers look at reviews and rankings to help them make a decision, while 88% of consumers check reviews to determine a local business’s quality. 

When done right, local SEO can increase website traffic, boost your site’s—and business’s—visibility online, raise engagement with local customers, and help drive conversions and sales. Additionally, local SEO can help you gain your customers’ trust and even build connections with other local businesses. 

5 Tips to Improve Local SEO

Claim Your Google Business Profile

Claim Your Google Business Profile

Claiming your Google Business Profile is a crucial step because it can help put your plumbing business on the map. It also makes it easier for consumers to access information about your business and ensure that said information is accurate. 

Include Products or Services to Your Business Profile Listing 

This might seem like an extra step but adding products to your Google Business Profile listing means it’s easier for your customers to know exactly what you’re offering. This, in turn, makes it easier for them to decide a purchase. 

Publish Geo-Targeted Content

Publishing geo-targeted content helps narrow your audience to a specific area, as it’s highly specific and relevant to the said area and its residents. You’re also more likely to get better traffic quality and attract your intended demographics. Make sure that you mention your location and service on your website and not just in your copy. Include these elements in your title tags, meta descriptions, and HTML headings. 

Highlight Customer Reviews

Highlight Customer Reviews

Positive reviews make a lot of difference in the way consumers perceive a business. 72% of consumers say that positive reviews helped them trust a local business more. 

Customer reviews are one of the crucial factors when it comes to Google’s local search ranking signals. It’s also vital to word-of-mouth marketing. To leverage customer reviews, make sure that you include them on your website to help enhance your credibility. Getting positive reviews on your Google Business page can help your website rank higher and influence the decision of potential customers. 

If you’ve provided stellar service to a client, you can ask them to give you a five-star review. Make sure that you respond to customer reviews, whether they’re good or bad. 

Claim Your Local Listings and Optimize Them

Claiming and optimizing your listings on local directories can improve your business’s visibility and makes your business information easily accessible. Make sure to also claim and optimize your listings on social media platforms and voice assistants, including Facebook, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bing, and Waze.

Local SEO Solutions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Make sure that your customers find your business and enjoy the rewards of an established online presence. Work with iSearch Engine to start optimizing your business profile today.